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The power of parents to build a better future for their children.


The Parent Village Host Kit

Our free toolkit, available in English and Spanish, provides everything you need to host a Parent Village online or in-person.

What’s Inside?

Our Parent Village Host Toolkit includes everything you need to host a successful Village. Explore the contents below.

Session Guides

One for each of our four 90-minute Parent Village sessions. These guides include everything hosts need to lead their group through the sessions.

Participant Handouts

Everything that Parent Village members will need to participate in each session.

Training Videos & Resources

How-to videos to help you host a successful Parent Village.

Standalone Activities

Each of our sessions include engaging and thought-provoking activities that can also be used outside the context of a Parent Village. Download and use what works for you!

Advocacy Organization List

Your Village members may want to connect with existing advocacy efforts. This growing list will help them find an advocacy organization that may already be addressing their needs.

Certificates of Participation

Official certificates to acknowledge and celebrate the efforts of anyone who completes the Parent Village curriculum.

Goals & Outcomes

Elevate Expectations
Elevate Expectations

Participants will see that society has an obligation to create structures and systems that support parents.

Forge Collective Identity
Forge Collective Identity

Participants will see each other as allies who share a common bond—that they all love their children and all need support.

Fight for Change
Fight for Change

Participants explore their strengths, share their vision for a Parent Nation and work together to achieve it.

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A powerful blueprint for a society that supports parents and caretakers as they shape their children’s—and our nation’s—future.